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New type of coating resisting corrosion , radiation and insulate against heat.
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  New type of coating resisting corrosion , radiation and insulate against heat.

Special Anti-corrosion and coating(HAILIN system)

    Using scope of coating   

New type of coating resisting corrosion , radiation and insulate against heat is the high and new technology of our country,it has the function of resisting corrosion, radiation,heat insulation. Excellent performance of coating can apply for all kinds of oil and gas storage tanks, oil storage tower,oil tank vehicle and containers in the fields, especially for the surface of pressure vessels,instrument box and box room. It can defense against radiation in the sunlight,change the traditional ways by using spraying water to lower the temperature,thus reducing the environmental pollution and the corrosion of the equipment by spraying water, and save valuable water and electric resources. meanwhile,white coating and red line make the painting object more beautiful and more satisfy with modern civilization style of tank district and equipments of the modernized enterprises.

    Technical performance of the coating     
Heat-insulating coating is composed with transformed high polymers, micro scaled materials and heat, oil and rust resistance by using high technology according to the thermal control principles. The performance of the coating can reflect to the sunlight radiation, especially high efficient anti-radiation from red wave band of sunlight, which can greatly reduce the temperature of the container’ surface and inside medium. In the radiation of the hot sunlight, the function of anti-heat and temperature-reduction is very apparent, 
the temperature of the surface is lower at around 8℃~12℃than the surface without painting, also inside the container is lower at around 6℃. Anti-heat coating has excellent performance in temperature and corrosion resistance because of using special materials. the useful life can be over 4 years.

    Application effect of the coating      

1. The liquid temperature is only 30℃ at the highest temperature, 
2. Good effect of temperature reduction of the New type of coating resisting corrosion  radiation and insulate against heat,and the effective temperature difference is 9℃ 
3. The liquid temperrature can reduce by 3℃ ~6℃ than spraying water. 
4. The temperature of the storage tank becomes lower with the dropping temperature in the conditon of heat emission. 
5. The function of the New type of coating resisting corrosion , radiation and insulate against heat has relation with the climate.

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