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          Hailin company was founded in 1990, located at the road around 535klo.form No.106 in new east ring road, occupies more than 50000 square meters, with registered capital RMB63million.In 2016 was named "high-tech enterprises.""  The business of the company is the design, manufacture, repair and special painting protection of pressure vessels and cooler and exchanger, Our company is the supplier for CNPC,SINOPEC, CNOOC and SINOCHEM and the manufacturer for the auxiliary engine of compressor of SHENGU Group.

          The company has high and low pressure pressure vessel design and manufacture (A2, D) qualification, European and American manufacturing (ASME-U) qualification, mobile pressure vessel design and manufacture (C2) qualification. "National high-tech Enterprise", "Science and technology smes of Henan Province", "Engineering technology Research Center of Henan Province", "Henan Province specialized new excellent Enterprise". It has 20 national patents. A number of technologies to fill the national, provincial, city and industry gaps. Long-term service in China's four major petrochemical and China Shen Drum compressor group.

         For more than 30 years, relying on its own unique technology and innovative services, it has provided safe operation services for petrochemical enterprises' production devices, created huge economic and social benefits, solved the technological problems such as corrosion, scaling, corrosion and leakage of cooling equipment in petrochemical devices, and greatly improved the operation cycle of petrochemical devices. For cooling equipment to improve the service life, prolong the maintenance cycle, reduce pollution emissions, saving production costs. The product quality and service level are recognized by the majority of customers, especially the repair and protection technology of cold exchange equipment has an important influence in the petrochemical field. It has made a special contribution to regional economic development.

          Since 2009, the equipment has withstood the test of long-term operation under the conditions of high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, vibration resistance and corrosion resistance in the production and manufacturing of domestic compressor auxiliary machine. Shen Gu, Broad, Wuxi, strong and other petrochemical users highly recognized.

          In 2020, henan Province Hailin Welder Examination Committee and Special Welder Vocational Training School were established to build a special equipment welder training and forensics resource platform, paving roads and Bridges for the needs of welders in all walks of life and making important contributions to the regional economic development.

          In 2021, the production modification project of mobile pressure tank truck/road special vehicle will be initiated, and the designed production capacity will be 1000 tank semi-trailers and liquefied gas transporters annually, which will be completed and put into operation in 2022. This project will fill the gap in Henan province, provide comprehensive services for the dangerous chemical logistics and transportation market in central Plains, and provide a series of services for the renewal, maintenance and testing of special pressure tank cars, atmospheric pressure dangerous chemical transport tank cars and other vehicles.

          In the future, Hailin company will develop more products and innovate more services in the manufacturing of high and low pressure pressure vessels, repair and protection of cooling equipment, and production and manufacturing of special vehicles, so that more "Puyang made" will serve the whole country and march toward the world! Hailin company does not seek to become bigger and stronger, but to do specialized, fine, special, new. In the future, it will provide higher quality and more convenient market services for the society with the business philosophy of comprehensive qualification, professional technology and accurate service.

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